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Private Placement Program (РРР) 

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31.08.2013                                                                                                                                                                                   London

High purity nickel wire with a perfect document you can buy directly in Germany





The use of  Nickel wire 0,025 mm. diameter    


Рrivate Рlacement Рrograms  


Available - Minimum 10kg but more suitable 20 kg. and more then 20 kg.!

On September 15, 2013 begins on receiving high-purity
wire in

Dear Sirs

We're continue of the provision of consulting services to the investors, who owning the nickel wire even in the face of difficulty but with huge prospect of success from September 2013!
Nickel wire 0,025 mm. Diameter (one gram of nickel wire contains 227 meter, 1 meter nickel wire 99,80% equal to 212, 00 Euro), deposited in the Ware / Security House Germany, or placed on deposit in the bank, support their involvement in high-yield private placement programs (Private Placement Program (PPP).
For the nickel filaments (Nickel wire 0,025 mm. Diameter, 1 gram of nickel wire contains 227 meter, 1 meter nickel wire purity not less then 99,80% equal to 212,00 Euro or 260, 00 euro per meter running) of 20 kilograms.
Before you decide to
buy Nickel (wire) to use as collateral, monetization and placement in the program you should consult with us

High purity nickel wire with a perfect document you can buy directly in Germany



Proposal for a return will be reported in negotiations with investors with the opportunity to invest it for the PPP.
Not to cause blocking accounts, an investor should carefully observe the conditions of the Contract, to prevent misuse or misapplication of obtaining financial resources and other violations. Before you is a rare opportunity to invest in hard asset PPP (According to our information, this opportunity will be available for a limited time)

Pay attention to the need to provide a package of documents in accordance with the following sample was placed including the documents received from the Security House. Documents made in violation of these requirements are not accepted.  
Many brokers simplified approach to the preparation of necessary documents, that always leads to failure attempts of private placement of the asset in private placement programs. We consider it inadmissible to make such mistakes . If you send us these documents, the chance of successful placement now higher than ever! However, if you have the opportunity to release a new SKR, we recommend the following steps:  
In order for you to have a chance to use the hard asset in PPP you must perform these steps:

Step One:

Step One: You must be legally taken out of Russia, to bring in Germany (
or buy directly in Germany) and place a nickel wire (minimum 20 kilograms) and place in Ware House PRO SAFE Sicherheit und Service Management GmbH. or IGAS Research

Investor shuld reach an agreement with administrations Ware House on the issue of SKR  and other documents in content and form of the bank's requirements creditor or other structure, funding the program.
Step Two:
Once you place your assets in a Ware House, performed a qualitative analysis and evaluation and to receive documents: 1.Depotschein/Certificate of Deposit /
2.Analytic certificate from IGAS Research  or SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS
3.Evaluation Order / Private Independent Evaluation)

In text SKR should be included  numbers of all lots (LOT № ____, № ___, № ___ (all lots should be written down according to packing documents and documents  


Depotschein/Certificate of Deposit should be released without the instruction of validity (as well as SKR)

• SKR - without the instruction of validity

In SKR instead of "Warehouse" it is necessary to enter " Security house ". If it cannot be made, it will be necessary to make the insurance.

At the end of text SKR to add a phrase. " All Safekeeping charges are fully paid until 30.__.2013"

After receiving a special code (Owner code) on the platform (only) you can begin to release

4.Safekeeping receipt Security / Ware House

5.RWA Bank Capability & Proof of Funds performance letter

6."CONFIRMATION LETTER" from Ware House.

7.It is very important to get from the Ware House and send us a letter saying that the warehouse is insured against fire, theft, etc. (Letter from Ware House: ....Warehouse "_________" was insured by an insurance company _______ (here you need to write the wording of the insurance policy from any insurance claims insured Ware House).

8.Receipt for payment of storage for next 13 month .


Photocopies of these documents should be sent to our address, together with

9.CIS (customer information)

10. Photocopy of passport (the registered owner of an asset in the SKR)


After we receive your initial (basic) set of documents we will send you COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTS. This document will need to carefully fill out and send it to us for review. After verification, we will give back to you COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTS. You will need to print that important document on quality colour printer, sign it in blue ink and the stamp of the company where it is needed.     It is also necessary at the last page notarize your signature.  

After that, this original COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTS quality scanner should scan and send us the format JPG. (each page as a separate file)          

You also need to notarize a colour photocopy of your passport.  

Also need to notarize all the high-quality colour copies of basic documents with notary that the copy is equal to the original.

Nickel wire  documents:


1.Depotschein/Certificate of Deposit /

2.Analytic certificate from IGAS or SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS

3.Evaluation Order

4. Safekeeping receipt Security / Ware House (indicative content SKR and other documents below for details.

5.RWA Bank Capability & Proof of Funds performance letter

6.CONFIRMATION LETTER" from Ware House and receipt for payment of storage


It is also necessary to preserve the originals and submit copies of all documents from the Testing and Certification Centre for Analytic Giredmet ... etc.


1 .A copy of the Certificate of Test Analytical Certification Center Giredmet (CERTIFICATE of Nickel wire   GIREDMET Testing Analytical Center)

2. CERTIFICATE (Report of Isotopic Determination)

3. CERTIFICATE of Chemical Content indicating the total weight of the lot number and number of boxes (boxes) and etc.

4. REPORT of Impurities Determination with an indication of the certification authority (Who conducted the chemical analysis and sampling of the Act Party copper powder for the certification of the chemical composition.

5. Certificate of origin

6. Passport, a certificate

7.  Packing list (document confirming the identification numbers, gross weight and net weight, method of packing for storage and transportation)

8. Photocopy of contract of sale of copper, documents on payment to the seller (quite sufficient declaration of the seller to the buyer (notarized)

9. Customs declarations (for the export and import from Russia to Germany);

10. Constitution and other founding documents of the company owner's assets, Certificate of Good Standing, Financial Statements of the company over the last year, stamped the tax authority (if such reports are provided rules of jurisdiction), the history of assets.


Photocopies of these documents should be sent to our address, together with


11.CIS (customer information)

12. Photocopy of passport (the registered owner of an asset in the SKR)  


For the organization of all work and sign the necessary documents required visit the investor in Prague or London. (Date can be refined in due course).


The process of obtaining the documents can not be postponed, as the platform limit the time of receiving the documents and inform us that it can follow a complete ban on the use of copper and nickel as investment assets.
















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