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Список документов для Private Placement Program  с порошком медным ультрадисперсным-Copper (powder)

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Как избежать "РРР-иллюзий"? Распространенные ошибки и заблуждения при выполнении РРР.

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                                                       CORPORATE RESOLUTION


This is to certify that the board of directors of ______________________________, [hereinafter “company”] having its address at ___________________________ _________________________________, attended a board of directors meeting which was duly and regularly called, noticed and held on February    th 2010, at the company’s above referenced address, at which there was present a quorum thereof, wherein the following resolutions were unanimously adopted, to wit:






Mr. _____________

Nationality : Russian

Passport Number : _____

Passport Issue (Date/Place) : _____

Passport Expiry Date : ______

Date and Place of Birth : ________

Home Address : ______________

Home Telephone Number : ________

Home Fax Number : _______

Mobile Tel Number :________

Email Address : ________

Business Name : ______Global Inc.

Business Post Address :______________

Registration Number & Date : ________

Business Telephone Number : ________

Business Fax Number : __________

Legal Adviser ( : __D.V.__

Address for Mail Delivery :  __________

Address for Courier Delivery :  _______


a director of the company, as authorized signatory on the herein described bank account, in which our funds are deposited at the date of these presents, is hereby fully authorized to act individually as the sole representative of the company to execute all necessary documents and to undertake all actions on behalf of the company in connection with the lawful use of our assets in the amount of                   Euros (EUR  000,000,000.00) presently located in ______ (name and address of bank)_______ in account number __________ Copper (powder) Isotopic fractions CU 63/CU65 Cu 63=69,1%, Cu 65 = 30,9%  - ._000.000 gram.  Analytic certificate No. ______, No. ______ from IGAS dated ____th March 200__ .


Also resolved:


that the aforesaid Mr. ______________________, is authorized to effect the opening and operation of bank accounts on behalf of and for the benefit of the company at any bank[s] he shall select, and be a signatory thereon, to accept and disburse funds there from, at his discretion and determination, and to execute contracts with his selected sources and banks with respect to the company’s deposits therein, at his discretion, for and in the best interest of the company.


Further resolved:     


that Mr. _______________, as a director of the company, be and hereby is, authorized and directed to certify that the foregoing resolutions and the provisions thereof are in conformity with the charter, bylaws and articles of incorporation of the company, and that the foregoing resolution and the authority thereby conveyed shall remain in full force and effect until the purposes set forth herein are accomplished.


It is further certified that the above named director of the company has been duly elected and appointed to hold office, is presently holding office, is empowered to act for and on behalf of the company, and that fax, email or photostat copies of this corporate resolution shall be of equal value to their original and shall be accepted as such by everyone, for all purposes, everywhere.


It is resolved that

Mr. ________


Number passport  

Date of issue:

Date of the Expiration of the Passport:

Birth date:

Home the Address:

Domestic Phone number:

Mobile Phone Number {Number}:

The address of e-mail:


is hereby authorized to   introduce our documents to the Platform and from Platform to the the Companies “_______.” (Director_________) and to carry out fast connection between the Platform and the Companies “______.”  (Director ______) during action of the contract with the trader private placement program.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the company in certification of the above resolutions and provisions on this   th day of February, 2010.



________________________________                                                      (Company seal)


Passport No.:





As a member of the quorum attending the subject board meeting, I confirm that this document represents a true and complete record of the said board meeting and that the minutes of the meeting have been duly recorded in the company’s minute book.


Name: ________________

Title:  _________________


Director of ______Company... INC.                                        _________

                                                                   Signature and SEAL




Словарь специальных выражений, терминов Private Placement Program-PPP

Действительно ли существуют Private Placement Programs?

Private placement program: насколько высоки доходы?

Как провести “Due Diligence” при  инвестировании в private placement program?

Использование низколиквидных активов для  инвестиций в Рrivate Рlacement Рrograms

10 Подсказок, которые должны знать Частные Брокеры private placement programs.

Надежда, Враг Брокеров Рrivate Рlacement Рrograms  


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Распространенные способы мошенничества  при выполнении РРР.  Стр.1  , 2, 3

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Деривативы без директивы:

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