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Basic Rules for engaging in a Private Placement Program


1. The customer's bank must be a TOP50. (Sberbank of Russia is allowed)

2. It can´t be a bank from a country with a communistic ideology .

3.It can´t be a bank from India (this country has a special the bank rules)

3. Chinese citizens can´t be the signatories of the Trading Contract. They are not allowed to participate in a PPP.

4. The two options available to access a Private Placement Program are:

 - Cash

 - Any of the following financial instruments: BG (Bank Guarantee), CD (Certificate of Deposit), MTN (Medium Term Notes), SBLC (Stand By Letter of Credit), SKR (Safekeeping Receipt). These instruments should have FULL BANK RESPONSABILITY by the issuing bank.

5. The asset or cash is not feasible unless the bank is based in Europe. Any bank from South America or Asia must be based in Europe and confirm the client's assets through a "Confirmation Letter" from Europe (For Example: London)

6. If the bank is not strong enough to fend for yourself, you can try to get a bank will take full bank responsibility for banking asset.

7. If you are not the owner of the asset or cash, you can´t enter into the program unless you be assigned to the bank account where the asset is deposited.

8. The asset will be blocked the time estimated by contract. So before being blocked, your asset must have a reasonable life cycle (maturity date) that can be worked.

9. The bank must be able to block the assets through a SWIFT MT-760.

10. If the asset is gold, Hallmark documents must be provided.

11. Cash or assets issued by UBS and ABN AMRO Banks are not allowed.





Basic Rules for engaging in a Private Placement Program



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