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Private Placement Program () with bank financial instruments: BG, CD, MTN, SKR



Bank guarantees and  alternative investments  

Hot offer. Actual sales / leasing of bank instruments

Monetization of bank instruments. Loans secured by BG.

For the attention of providers and sellers of bank instruments

Bank guarantees of Russian banks and PP
Bank guarantees of banks in other countries (including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan) and  PPP
Sale of bank guarantees
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The information of our partnrs


Registration Number: 1511309, Date of registration: 04-10-2010

Registered Address: 33 Mong Kok Road, Hong Kong;



柳 萬軒 Ms. WANXUAN Director of company


Skype: icc758


The company ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED, specially created in 2010 for the financing of our investment projects prepared for implementation in several countries. We work with a very narrow specialization loans secured by bank instruments and support of the private placement investment funds for funding into specific projects. Were the visible part of a large team, consisting of many individuals and companies from around the world.


We spent a long time to achieve a high level of this work with the greatest efficiency and transparency.


In order to realize the main goal of our company raising funds for its own investment projects, we develop several courses of action:

1. Obtaining loans secured by bank instruments, that gave us by our partners on mutually beneficial conditions.

2. Provision of loans against BG/SBLC to our customers with a significantly higher LTV than that proposed in existing markets.

3. Support of transactions of private placement funds belonging to our clients in the best investment opportunities that exist in the area of alternative investments.

If we extrapolate these problems on the consolidated experience of our team, we have to say that trying to work on their own, you would need a lot of time to really get a loan and years and thousands of contacts to find a program that will really be implemented.


We have our own facilities for the performance of tasks, and have the support of our partners-economists who have large experience and proven contacts in the worlds leading banks, trusts, major financial companies.


Were really able to ensure a successful transaction to obtaining a loan against bank instruments and secure private placement of funds and/or assets in high yield program.


If we extrapolate these problems on the consolidated experience of our team, we have to say that trying to work on their own, you would need a lot of time to really get a loan and years and thousands of contacts to find a program that will really be implemented. If you are able and willing to work as a team you can rely on our support and a complete success.



Dear Sirs,


Can we (ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED) offer to your attention the opportunity to obtain loans to finance your investment projects secured by bank guarantees leading banks rated AAA. In formulating our proposal, we are guided by existing realities of the business, banking rules and procedures do not offer unrealistic schemes, do not promise unrealistic earnings. Were not trying to compete with the absurd proposals of many brokers and offer only that the corresponds to the real opportunities that exist in this difficult financial market.


Were not talking on the non-recourse loan, because this title is absurd. Just think for yourself if its a money that not necessary to return, it is not a loan, and if its credit funds, this the credit have to be returned. Therefore, all legal documents should be strictly conform to the practice of processing of such transactions otherwise concluded contracts become worthless and unnecessary for execution.


We are obliged to conclude contracts only in the real legal field, talk about conventional loans for a short period or on the long-term loans for 5-10 years with the return of borrowed funds and payment of interest at maturity, etc. However, we can have a different arrangement with the owner of the instrument, including not to return the loan, to sign a confidential supplement to the standard loan agreement, but we still have the obligation to return the loan and payment of interest, as well as a share of income, to our financial partner.

Should be understood that no one, not of  the receiving Bank or our company, also not the issuing bank is not interested in the insurance case, when the loan is not returned, and there is a necessity to present a bank guarantee for payment to the  issuing bank. This is a serious incident that will have extremely negative consequences for all parties involved.


If the of collateral instruments was already issued by the  issuing bank of the principal / applicant for a specific beneficiary, then the beneficiary of this instrument must to be agreed with the receiving bank of the conditions of the loan or credit line, expressed in a particular official decision of the credit committee of the bank to grant him a credit line to finance an investment project that was already accepted by the bank or for commercial contract.


The banks carefully follow the rules of lending for the profitable projects: carefully analyze the political and economic situation in the country where you plan to use the loan to finance the project, the accounting statements of the company for the past three years, the business plan and the Cash-Flow, clearly showing how will be generated the income  to repay the loan .


If the credit committee of the bank in advance was not made an official decision to grant a loan to the client-the beneficiary BG that secured by bank instrument, the proposed transaction on receipt of the Bank guarantee or the letter of credit is certainly doomed to failure.


We often surprised of other attempts  from failed beneficiaries to send requests in search of loans in someone elses (often foreign) banks on the security of instrument that the pretender has identified as beneficiary.


For carrying out a successful transaction an issuing bank should again to issue of new instrument to the real beneficiary who is able to obtain credit resources in their receiving Bank. In this context, the question arises about involvement in the a new transaction of the failed beneficiary. He certainly will be left behind and can be rely only on percentage of the transaction to be paid to the intermediaries.


Or other possible outcome of the case: the failed beneficiary sign a tripartite agreement on joint activities with the principal / applicant of BG and our company as a primary beneficiary to issue RWA letter with the distribution of the loan amount between the parties.


If you want to start the such a complicated and multifaceted work as obtaining loans on the security of bank instruments, all participants should advance to rid himself of ones illusions  and thoroughly examine the subject of its activities primarily from the point of view of existing realities.


We operate exclusively in real time, in real banking community, observing objectively existing ( existing for many years independently of our consciousness and desires) banking rules and procedures.

To resolve the problem of obtaining of financial resources for these or other purposes, we can work with the owner of the bank instrument (with the principal/applicant) only. The owners and the management of the enterprise an applicant / Principal of banking instrument should have developed an investment project and to be interested in obtaining financial resources in the form of a loan for its implementation.


If such a developed project does not exist we can offer our project, that really exists, accepted by the bank, the local administration and can withstand any Due Diligence. Under this project will be possible to do program to increase of the capital and also well be not have any problems with the transferring of the funds.

The success of the deal depends on the willingness of the principal / applicant to establish with us the partnerships to work as a team.


Were (ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED) offer the one of the schemes of transaction that consists of the following:


- Principal / applicant should be willing to issue BG by own funds, and then to issue RWA letter to our company OORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED ( ) and sign an agreement with us for a loan;


-The company ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED, accepted by the bank HSBC HK and today we are fully prepared to assume of bank instruments on the stage of issuing of letters RWA of readiness to issue BG, with an assignment a bank instrument to a third party (to the appointment by us a final beneficiary). We could offer various guarantees to obtain cash after we signed the contract for monetization.


- We get the funds to our account at HSBC HK against this bank instrument with a certain discount from our financial partners who is interested in the success of our transactions to increase the capital to the certain investment project. Such joint efforts gives us a real opportunity to perform our obligations to the Principal / applicant of the BG , to pay him a larger loan amount compared to the current LTV, as well as to our financial partners.



We can offer a deeper cooperation with the principal / applicant the banking instrument via joint acquisition of the new Hong Kong company with an account in HSBC HK, renewal it to the new owners (50% to the our side and 50% to the principal / applicant ) and its further using as primary Beneficiary after some update  with a financial partner in the bank.


The approximate procedure for using the Bank Guarantee as collateral to obtain a loan :


Between the company ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED, as a primary Beneficiary / Lender and the principal / applicant as Borrower, shall be signed the agreement to finance of the investment project of the Principal / applicant / borrower via the loan. This loan agreement also will put into the issuing bank.


If necessary, we carry out negotiations with suppliers in China with the initialling of of the corresponding tripartite agreement of delivery and installation of equipment between the Borrower / Principal , our company / lender and supplier from China. This contract of the supply of equipment are also provided to the issuing bank.


The borrower/applicant (Principal) initiates simultaneous forwarding from bank officer copies of the of information letter RWA (Appendix 1) by e-mail from the official E-mail issuing bank to the official E-mail: HSBC HK that Bank Primary beneficiary and at the same time (CC) copies to the official E-mail: of company ORIENTAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT CO., LIMITED (Primary Beneficiary). Consequently we get the right to sign the relevant agreements the monetization of the BG with known to us the financial institutions, who willing to work with us on certain conditions. This agreement, we also provide to the issuing bank to issue of BG to the final beneficiary.


In accordance with our letter to the Borrower / Principal and submitted to the bank the Agreement of borrowed investment funds, the Principal/Applicant of BG will initiates sending from the issuing bank the Pre-Advice via SWIFT MT799 to the account of Final Beneficiary to the funding bank. If necessary, an Applicant/Borrower should organize simultaneous sending/forwarding by E-mail copies of SWIFT MT799 Pre-Advice from the official E-mail the issuing bank to the official E-mail of bank of finale beneficiary, and (CC copy) to the Lender.


Within five (5) business days after receipt and confirmation SWIFT MT799 from the issuing bank of the Borrower the receiving bank will send SWIFT MT799 of readiness to accept BG via SWIFT MT760 and confirm the availability of funds. In some cases, possibly to give a warranty of the payment of loan by ICBPO via SWIFT MT 799 from the receiving bank .


Within five (5) business days after receipt and confirmation SWIFT MT799 from the issuing bank of the Borrower the receiving bank will send SWIFT MT799 of readiness to accept BG via SWIFT MT760 and confirm the availability of funds. In some cases, possibly to give a warranty of the payment of loan by ICBPO via SWIFT MT 799 from the receiving bank .


Within three (3) business days after receipt and confirmation SWIFT MT799 of readiness to accept BG, the issuing Bank of the Borrower will send BG via SWIFT MT760 to the receiving bank specified by the Lender to the designated of finale beneficiary. If necessary, an applicant of BG / borrower should organize simultaneous sending/forwarding by email copies of SWIFT MT760 from official E-mail of the issuing bank to the official E-mail of bank of finale beneficiary, and (CC copy) to the Lender.



Within seven (7) business days after receipt and successful verification SWIFT MT 760 the issuing bank will send the original (hard copy of BG) with wet signatures to the receiving bank by courier.


Payment of the Loan to the Borrower by the Lender will be implemented in the agreed amount and schedule in accordance with the Agreement with the Lender and the contract for supply and installation of equipment.

Once again we would like to draw your attention that every loan must be returned with payment of relevant bank interest. . We take this commitment to our company as the primary recipient of the funds secured by BG. Also in this case, we commit ourselves to pay you the loan by tranches and return the BG without encumbrance.


If you do not intend to repay the loan and pay interest, you need to agree to our proposal for obtaining the loan in tranches  of the proposed schedule. If you are hoping for a miracle, you want get the whole amount of the loan here and now and do not intend to return the money (misunderstood non- recourse loan), it should be ready for the bringing of BG for payment to your issuing bank .








PURPOSE OF OUR WEB SITE AND DATA PAGE - Give potential investors, INTENTIONAL try your luck at PPP, read often conflicting information on this Business and to help decide to work with a particular broker. WE HELP avoid unnecessary costs, minimize risk and achieve high returns on investment. WE ALSO share the variety of information and experience as ours, and our Clients and Partners.


Dear Sirs, We're offers consulting services to advise investors that have on the personal or corporate accounts in the first-class banks funds for the organization of high-yield private placement programs - Private Placement Program (PPP) by the use of Bank Guarantees (BG),  Medium Term Notes (MTN), Certificate of Deposit - CD. We have opportunity to do deal with collateral of unconditional bank instruments minimum face value 100M USD/Euro of European banks from +A to AAA rated.


We accept Owned Cash Account Funds from 10 Mio Euro/USD minimum, Heritage Funds from owner only, Owned and Leased Cash Backed Bank Instruments 100 Mio minimum with monthly pay-outs.
The beneficiary in accordance with Article 25 ICC 758 takes obligation to return BG / SBLC without any pledges, encumbrances, free from any deductions not later than 15 days prior to the expiry of the bank guarantee.

We do Not accept Promissory Notes/Bank draft, checks or Ven. Bonds/No Bonds/No LTN, IBOE or CMO.
We do not offer Currency Exchange nor will we do MT103 One or Two Ways
We do not buy or sell bank instruments or assets. We also do not offer the brokerage services for the sale or lease of banking instruments

We also can't help with loans to exporters.


Dear Sirs.


The market of Private Placement Programs is governed by a non-public regulations FED (The Federal Reserve System) USA, is used to finance humanitarian and federal investment program to increase capital. There is a perception that the PPP is also used to adjust the balance of issue dollar mass and indirectly, to finance the public debt. All contracts and financial transactions Private Placement Programs are strictly confidential and used to fund humanitarian programs (on unverified information) is controlled by the Federal Reserve system of USA


Market participants - the real investors and their representatives, specialized consulting companies, brokers / providers operating under a power of attorney and traders on the list FED, FED traders and a few first-class banks rated "TOP 25"..

We are not a part of the platform, we do not have its own fund or bank, basic, what we  have is  direct contact with several leading platforms Private Placement Program Europe and Asia, including working with the Copper (powder) Isotopic fractions  and other hard assets as well as the diverse experience of advisory work in finance, lending to investment projects in accordance with the rules of OECD, to attract direct investment. Our advantage is the absolute openness and honesty in dealing with customers, ensuring their interests and security of assets. Remember that the program is difficult to enter, but it is important not only to enter into the program, but right out of her.
Please note:  We encourage you to work with us, however, you are always free to work with other brokers. Many brokers as we have the necessary contacts with the platforms.
 The OBJECTIVE  of our site and of these pages - is to give potential investors by deliberately  to try your luck at PPP, get acquainted with often conflicting information on this Business And to help decide to work with one or another Broker ..
WE ALSO share diverse information and EXPERIENCE to both our and our customers and partners.






THE representative  OF  THE INVESTOR

(not always available)










The investor - a person or the company who - the rightful owner of an asset that can be used as collateral to get access to the investment program.


We're  the  advisors that are  working in our company, formed by a group of qualified professionals with appropriate training and experience in financial, commercial and international tax matters. Our mission is to ensure a successful transaction with a trader, a high income and a solution of tax problems. Counselors are also responsible for evaluating and monitoring documentation prepared by the investors. Consultants are paid from the investor only when the investor receives income from their investments.


BROKERS / ISP on the Roster Trader (platform) - BROKERS / PROVIDERS LISTED BY THE TRADER'S (platform). Trader ultimately responsible for the actions of their brokers / providers and to ensure the most suitable work in order to fulfill each investment project.

Brokers / providers like Trader guided documentation, provision of investor. Typically, brokers are compensated for their work, directly from the Trader.


TRADER registered and verified by the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED USA). They are responsible for planning and development of the financial transaction with investors, that are selected and tested platform. . Traders, with whom we , work with financial institutions TOP 25 or Class "AAA". Some traders and brokers / providers are working on the secondary market PPP, so the conditions of PPP may  differ

Traders' contracts are signed in the offices of Banks.

An investor can  sign a contract with the trader, along with his lawyer or a personal adviser


Our company currently operates confidentially with several providers and traders


Currently, due to excessive banking regulation in the United States, which provides the U.S. administration, our traders are working with European financial institutions.



THE Private Placement Programs with  BANK GuARANTY.


The first step to  to initiate the procedure of starting the PPP, potential challenger must prepare and send to us to E-mail:  primary documents:



1.  Color photocopy (format JPG) RWA Bank Confirmation Letter - addressed to an Applicant (Principal) the customer of the issuing bank on readiness to issue of  the bank instrument in agreed face value   due cost  an Applicant for a particular Beneficiary.

If the Bank Instrument   has be issued  that should send a photocopy of bank instruments (front and back), issued for a period of not less than 1 year and 1 month after the date of verification.

The Investor initiates simultaneous sending by bank officer via official bank E-mail a copy of the RWA or a  the issued bank instrument with an appropriate cover letter to the official E-mail of bank client an Applicant with next forwarding to the  E-mail of the Beneficiary.

The Investor initiates simultaneous sending by bank officer via official bank E-mail a copy of the RWA or a  the issued bank instrument with an appropriate cover letter to the official E-mail of bank client an Applicant with next forwarding to the  E-mail of the Beneficiary. Primary Beneficiary sends via forwarding to us a copy of the RWA with preservation of all links from the mail server of the bank through the mail server an applicant, beneficiary, etc. At the same time the  simple copying and  paste of texts must be exception completely because this forgery will be immediately identified.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Joachim . <. >

 Date: 2014-06-23 21:17 GMT+02:00

Subject: Deutsche Bank



 ---------- Forwarded message ----------

 From:  André . <  >

 Date: 2014-06-23 14:24 GMT+02:00

 Subject: Deutsche Bank

 To: ..    



.. Trading Company, INC

Mr. Joachim ..



We, Deutsche Bank AG, with address Konigsallee 45-47, 40212 Dusseldorf hereby confirm with full banking responsibility that we are Ready, Willing and Able to issue/deliver fully cash backed Bank Guarantee (BG) on behalf of our client . Company, INC in favor of GROUP SARL for face value of Euro 250,000,000.00  (Two Hundred and Fifty Million Euro) and it shall be transmitted and confirmed via authenticated Swift MT799 Pre-Advise followed by MT760.


( RWA Bank Conformation Letter in attach file)


Bank officer                                   



Tel.  +49(211) ..                      

Fax  +49(211) .                     


Deutsche Bank .. AG


2. Traders office checks the RWA/BG and Investor (Due Diligence)  and formulates a proposal.


3.Investor should fills several documents that we receive from the platform, and sends it to the trader.


4. After the provision of the full package of documents and conducted Due Diligence, the investor  will sign the JVA on the distribution of income from the program with the Platform and will be  invited to the bank of the program to open an account, sign the contract, and subsequently receive to  this account  the SWIFT MT 760. The credit line is being received onto the same account of investor. The whole procedure is transparent and fully understood by the investor. Later on the procedure is performed for obtaining authorization for the transaction. 


Please pay particular attention to:
To avoid problems
associated with the actions of fraud, impose photocopies Swift as "evidence" of their sending, lenders and program managers require recently after sending Swift and confirmation of the acceptance of receiving banks, investors compulsorily organize simultaneous direction (sending via FORVARDING) quality color scan copy SWIFT MT799 Pre-Advice with jingle" (signed by two bank officers and certified by bank stamp) from the official e-mail the issuing bank to the official e-mail to the bank and the beneficiary and (SS) the E-mail of lender by email.


5.Estimated income of more then ___% per week from face value. Duration 40 weeks.


6.Distribution of income by JVA (JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT AND NON CIRCUMVENTION) or IMFPA (IRREVOCABLE MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT): 1st JVA / IMFPA - 80x20% (usually 30x70%) and the 2nd JVA / IMFPA - our reward for the support of the project - _% of total INCOME (We ask - 5%).

JVA / IMFPA MUST notarized in Europe and send us photocopies.


7. After receiving the signed JVA / IMFPA begins direct communication platforms with investors, has been invited to sign a contract with the trader TTM (time table meeting). Perhaps the direction in your address draft contract with the trader. However, this document is confidential and intended only for the investor and his lawyer (alleged in the documents). In advance to send the draft contract is not possible.


8. Preservation funds in the account during the lock is guaranteed first-class bank


9. Income will be  guaranteed issuance Pay-orders or otherwise acceptable to the investor's assets.

For start we need





Issue Date: ____ 04,  2012


To: Econ

the beneficiary of Bank Guarantee Nr. 0../00..

Date of issue: April ___, 2012; Date of expiry: May ___, 2013

Address:  __________



Attn.:   Mr. Alexander K__________ / general director and authorized Director



Ref: SWIFT MT 799/760 - Confirmation of ASSIGNMENT and RESERVATION of 

        FUNDS and Bank Guarantee Nr.  0.../00...


Dear Sir,                                                                                                      

At your request, We, ____BANK , located at 1_______, represented by the bank officers listed below confirm, with full bank responsibility, that we have issued the Bank Guarantee Nr.  0...../00.., with face value of 250,000,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Million EURO), in favor of Econ. - beneficiary of bank guarantee .                                     

We further confirm that the funds securing the Bank Guarantee Nr.  0../00... are CASH    and are in your below listed account with our bank:

Cash Account Number: ......xxxxxxxxxxxxx......   

Face Value: 250,000,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Million EURO)

The signatory on the BANK ACCOUNT is:  Mr. .......







Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the above address and telephone numbers.



For and on behalf of ____BANK


__________________                                              __________________

Name:                                                        Name:                                    

Officer No.:                                            Officer No.:                            

Title:                                                          Title:                             

Tel. No.:                                                     Tel. No.:                        

Fax No.:                                                     Fax No.:                        







BG 600

Be careful, this market operates much fraud, which, however, is easily recognized. Here, and "supply" of sale of bank guarantees and "supply" of other wonders. Especially a lot of fakes come from Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries. It is basically a fake bank guarantees Sberbank and VTB. You may be asked to release BG Savings on your foreign company with your name as the beneficiary, even arrange a meeting with Sberbank in Moscow .. You'll pay a pretty penny as "thank you" for help, but no real tool you get, the more there will be no SWIFT MT 799/760 ... Trying to use fake securities to generate income - a serious criminal offense. A lack of knowledge of any circumstances, as we know, no excuse.



Unfortunately we have examples of where the beneficiary - a careful and respected man, was absolutely convinced that the bank guarantee of the Savings Bank of Russian Federation, signed by two bank officers, which he quite sincerely offers several platforms in the program, is genuine. However, a cursory analysis of the proposed instrument, conducted one of the platforms, and a small informal test showed the opposite ... First, the printing department was used to work with entities (rather than printing the bank) secondly, "bank officers" did not enter their codes in the third text document in PDF format, copied, and the seal was already set, in the fourth - "Bond" has been recorded in the bank properly ...

This list could go on




All documents with evidence of fraud, the platform passed to Interpol.


With certain capabilities and experience, we urge you not to transfer your financial instruments in the "management" of random people. Trying to take control of your financial assets and enter into their own programs, some brokers are often promised to investors "the golden mountain." However, many brokers are beginning to search for contacts with the platform just after getting your tools "in control". This leads to wasted time and errors, including in connection with access to new mediators, declaring the existence of a working relationship with the bank-office The Private Placement Financial Program Manager, but does not actually have any, and even to international fraud.


 What is Private Placement Program PPP - Private Placement Program PPP?


There are many rumors around the Private Placement Program PPP, many more kinds of intermediaries offer investors to participate in the PPP. However, in reality it is difficult to find a real financial instrument and even harder to find the real Trader / provider / Broker for Private Placement Program.


Many brokers claim to have direct contact and are close to the trader, but 99.99% of cases this is not true. That is why real investors with the financial instrument, for many years can not find the trader. Often they are wasting large sums of money, send MT 760 to the banks and the so-called "traders" who simply can not fulfill the PPP.


Only a very limited number of high-level traders can execute such programs. Traders - very busy people and have no opportunity to negotiate with the huge number of brokers and owners are often of dubious financial assets. Therefore, they have the structure (compliance officer - sometimes called the platform), which will study and conduct verification of the proposed papers.


Authentic Private Placement Program without risk, designed exclusively for private investors (companies or individuals), high-level, according  the law, financial institutions (banks, financial funds, etc.) are not allowed to participate in the PPP. Trader consolidates the assets of private companies and individuals for use in financial transactions, bringing high profits.


The procedures to enter the trade are simple and fairly standard, but the Control Provider Fund (Audit Fund Provider) will have to adhere to a strict agreement of all parties and non-disclosure.


We  have the ability and capacity to provide you with high profits through entry into the secure, private placement programs in direct cooperation with the managers of the platform software providers and traders FED

USA, as well as a number of banking service providers in Europe. It is a long-term (40 weeks) or short-term programs or FED Banking Trade (Banking Trading), use  of your bank instruments of foreign banks with a rating of AAA, as well as Depotschein / SKR  of ultrafine copper powders (PG) - Copper (powder), placed on deposit in banks or Security House. (According to the agreement may use financial instruments of banks, ratings lower than AAA (including Sberbank and VTB).


PPP contracts provided a high equity capital and / or the possibility of obtaining additional major trader credits for use in financial transactions in order to maximize revenue. Your investments remain under your control and direction in your account, guaranteed for the period of the contract.  

If you have an opportunity and a desire to place funds in a private placement programs (PPP), we can help you. In a short time - two weeks after checking the documents received and due diligence process, you will receive an invitation, which will be assigned a date and place of signing a contract with the trader. Under existing rules, the trader is negotiating exclusively with the investor, the transfer of assets in the management  to the middlemen is prohibited. The contract between the trader and the investor is confidential, however, this does not exclude participation in the discussion and signing of qualified, experienced lawyer. An investor should act with caution and should not try to save money on the services of the lawyer and the financial adviser, remember the proverb that "free cheese is only in a mousetrap." Investors should also take all measures to further block their assets,  to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders.


Please note that we do not provide a financial instrument or securities.


Schedule of the income will be presented to you by the trader. The meeting could be requesting a conference or meeting face to face. Usually, this occurs after the due process of verification and training completed properly.


In the market of PPP as an investor, you can not lose your assets and capital. In history there was no case of loss of capital and assets of investors. This process is completely safe., and could not cause any financial loss to you: your financial assets will never be moved to other accounts, only if the Bank Investor has Swift opportunities. Your funds will be blocked by your bank standard SWIFT MT 760 and SWIFT MT 700 (in some cases quite SWIFT MT 799), or by direct interaction between the trader's bank with your bank or Security House for a limited period, in strict accordance with the signed contract.


Banking and other financial instruments used in PPP.


1. Cash (Proof of funds - statement of account).

2. Bank Guarantee (Banking Guarantee - BG).

3. Certificate of Deposit (Certificate of Deposit - CD).

4. Bank bonds (Medium Term Note - MTN)

5. Bank deposit receipt (Safekeeping Receipt - SKR).

6. Banking bill (Banking Bill).

7. Corporate bill accepted by Bank (Promissory Note - PN)

8. Depotschein / Certificate of Deposit Security House or SKR of bank, which is based on ultrafine copper powder (PG)-Copper (powder) Isotopic fractions CU 63/CU65 Cu 63 = 69,1%, Cu 65 = 30.9, deposited in the Security House, or the bank.


The issuing bank should not be a resident of a country within the compiled International Group on Anti-Money Laundering (FATF) "blacklist" of countries that are not cooperating in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria). Indonesia, the Philippines and the Cook Islands are excluded from the list, but more attention to them remains.


Bank instruments to be issued in the international format, according to ICC 500, ICC 600 (Available - ICC 400), must be verifiable bank-to-bank by SWIFT MT760 format, or deposited into an international clearing systems (Euroclear, FED Screen, etc.) that also allow for their verification.


The minimum requirement for various programs PPP vary and depend on the trader and his proposed programs:


Example 1.

To account statement from 100 million. USD.

For BG, CD- from 100 Mil. USD.

For MTN, SKR, BB, PN - from 100 million. USD.

For Copper (powder) Isotopic fractions CU 63/CU65 Cu 63 = 69,1%, Cu 65 = 30.9 deposited at Security House - from 500 kg.


The processing time may suggest a certain queue . Income from 50% per month up to 40% per week for 40 weeks. Distribution 5545% of Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) .. There may be some burden in the form of part of the revenue to fund humanitarian programs and federal or other targeted investment projects. Even after subtracting the part of the income which is used for projects, the investor is left with a very substantial profit for its own investments.


Example 2.

For Account statements - from 250 million. USD.

For BG, CD-250 Mio. USD ..

For MTN, SKR, BB, PN - 500 million. USD.

 For Copper (powder) Isotopic fractions CU 63/CU65 Cu 63 = 69,1%, Cu 65 = 30.9 deposited at Security House - from 1000 kg.

Term of registration and preparation of the transaction - no more than 1-2 weeks after checking funds. Income from 70% per month up to 40% per week for 40 weeks. Distribution 70 x 30% for two JVA. Charge of income have little or not at all (i.e. the investor may freely manage his income).


The higher the denomination of bank instrument, the higher the income of PPP.  


To ensure the integrity and purity of the deal, we are ready to provide organizational and methodological support to the Director or another representative of your company (included in the CORPORATION RESOLUTION) and the authorized signatory on the account, the depot, where  bank guarantee is deposited  


The banking instrument should be "filled",  fully released by the bank at the disposal of your company or  person without any additional conditions of the issuing bank,


 for example:

-Requirements "for its payment within 3 days After verification ";

-Requirement of providing proof of money under the pretext of the transfer of guarantees of the treaty of cession;

- Requirements "provision side trader (The Private Placement Financial Program Manager) SWIFT 103.23 after the transfer of bank SWIFT 799", etc.


These requirements are considered as evidence of "unfilled bank guarantee.  Bond corrupt according to the company that owns the tool from bank officials in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and countries with developing economies, etc. Often, the interaction with the provider ends the problems with the issuing bank instrument, the international financial scandal.


Company investor in whose name the bank released a tool should provide a complete freedom to further use a tool to guarantee its verification and blocking bank trader in accordance with the signed contract by SWIFT MT 760 format without any conditions from the issuing bank.







1)    None of the customary standards and practices that apply to conventional business, investing and finance applies to our marketplace.


2)    Personal financial and business success has virtually nothing to do with who you are and what you think you know, but almost everything to do with who you are and how you conduct yourself.


3)    It is a privilege to be invited to participate in one of our Private Placement programs. It is not a "right." These programs deliver unparalleled yields in combination with absolutely no program-related risk. The trading administrators and managers have a virtually endless supply of financially qualified applicants. All things considered, the trading banks will favour the applicant with the best background, the best attitude and the best paperwork.


4)    An applicant should never underestimate what the trading entities know about him. Failure to provide full disclosure will summarily disqualify the disingenuous.


5)    Generally, the programs exist to finance humanitarian projects, not to generate more money for the wealthy. Clients who have projects usually receive preferred treatment and the highest yields.


6)    Clients must first prove that they are qualified, not the other way around. Until the traders and trading banks accept the client, nothing shall happen.


7)    Face-to-face interviews with compliance officers and program management are often required. An arrogant or demanding personality will guarantee rejection.


8)    Only the principal owner of funds is considered as signatory. Corporations must empower an existing officer or director as sole and exclusive signatory (also exclusive signatory on the bank account in which the funds reside), by Corporate Resolution.



9)    Not only do the funds have to be on deposit in a top bank; the bank must be in an acceptable western jurisdiction. If not, the funds have to be moved to such a jurisdiction or a suitable bank in an acceptable venue must guarantee them with full responsibility.

10) It is felony fraud to submit documents or financial instruments that have been forged, altered or counterfeited. Such papers are immediately referred to the appropriate law enforcement bodies for immediate criminal prosecution


11) The practices, procedures and rules are determined by the Federal Reserve USA, program management, licensed traders and trading banks. It is their decision as to whom to accept and whom to reject. Contract terms, yields, schedules, etc., are made to fit their needs and schedules and not the caprices or demands of the candidate.


12) This marketplace is strictly confidential, and absolute confidentiality is a key element of virtually every contract. A client who breaks confidentiality will precipitate instant cancellation of his contract, often with severe financial consequences.


13) Submission of application documents to more than one management group at a time is termed, "shopping." If a prospect "shops," he can expect that this fact shall be quickly disseminated among management groups who maintain close communication, and he shall be accepted by none - rejected by all ("black listed")


I have read the above and understand. I agree to comply with the above information.








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