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PPP  and Buy/sale programme With cash. the proof of funds

Package of documents for the trader

PPP  -- copper (powder)  

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All articles and related documents on this site are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose, in any form or content. All information provided is for informational purposes only, and shall not be relied upon as personal financial advice.


THE Private Placement Programs WITH CASH (THE PROOF OF FUNDS).

(Confirmation and verification of funds)


PURPOSE OF OUR WEB SITE AND DATA PAGE - Give potential investors, INTENTIONAL try your luck at PPP, read often conflicting information on this Business And to help decide to work with a particular broker. WE HELP avoid unnecessary costs, minimize risk and achieve high returns on investment. WE ALSO share the variety of information and experience as ours, and our Clients and Partners.

Dear Sirs, we're  advise investors that have on the personal or corporate accounts cash and their intention to invest in highly profitable programs.

If you or your customers really do have money ( CASH ) in accounts in European banks HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UniCredit, BNP Paribas, Intesa Sanpaolo, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen Bank, and similar in the amount of ....... Euros and more.... we can can help you safely get high returns by the using of bank statements of account (Proof of funds).


Dear sirs:

On pages of our site examples of programs which were offered and probably offered now. Many programs was existed a limited time. Constantly there are new offers. Unfortunately we cannot have time to make change to time in a material on the site. In view of transience of a situation in this market, it not always is obviously possible. We bring our apologies if at the moment of acceptance of the decision by you about participation in the program, we cannot offer you something from the listed programs. But we can always pick up other program suitable for you.


PPP  and Buy/sale programme With cash. the proof of funds

New opportunities guaranteed programs with cash

Examples of successful programs

If your money is in the Sberbank of Russia


cash: special hot offer







Private  Investment Programs





example  Program 1.


We provide the private asset-based financing  for realization the investment projects to clients who require capital financing amounting to 200 Mio. Euro (less or more).



You are the owner of funds in the amount of EUR 5 000 000 and more. Money deposited in a European bank (top-25).  Savings Bank of Russia is allowed by platform too.


You have an investment project worth 200 million Euro: Business Plan and Cash flow are professionally prepared and you require an investment in your project.

 (We can offer a complete project and later decide to issue a formal use of it)


If you desire to increase existing capital and earn high return, you may take part in a specific high-yield financial programs.



To assess the possibility of your participation in these programs we will require detailed information about your current project, as well as the following data:

1. Type of funds you possess, which bank are they deposited in (amount, period). How soon bank statement of the current account can be provided.

2. It is necessary to provide clear details and basis of the official owner of the funds at the time.

3. When dealing with the owner indirectly (i.e. through a third party) the relationship to the owner of the assets must be clearly stated. All negotiations should be conducted directly with the owner of the assets or the official representative of the power of attorney from the owner of the assets or financial instrument. Contract with a trader can be signed exclusively by the direct owner of the assets.

Initial conditions:

1. The minimum capital to participate in the trade is Euro 500 000. Tear Sheet (Monthly Bank Statement) of an account of Investor in the amount of 5 000 000 Euro and more


The funds do not have to be transferred from the clients bank account (assuming the it is an established, and reputable bank).
In all cases, we require the provision of fresh (up to 3 days) bank statement of the account (signed by two officers and a seal), CIS, and a copy of the passport.

2. An investor should reach an agreement with their bank about the release of the certificate of deposit for the amount proposed for the program.

3. The investor must be prepared to provide the trader with developed investment project with Business Plan and cash flow amounting to the minimum of 200 million Euros.

Rate of return

Due to the following reasons the rate of return can not be preliminary specified:

- The real and expected rate is being proposed by the trader during personal meeting with the client.

-We can announce an indicative rate of return before the meeting with the trader but after through check of all documents.

However we reassure that the monthly profit will amount to not less than __ million euro after all distributions to the platform and deal contributors.


At the meeting with a trader the owner of the assets will be presented with a funds blocking mechanism without Swift MT760. This is so called Administrative blocking through the release of the certificate of deposit and blocking it in the traders safe for the period of 1 year and 1month.
( But it's not always possible)

example  Program 2.


Dear Sir,

Please consider on the following simple question (which is not a request, requirement already) and check it out with your bankers at your bank:


1. Can they put, post the cash funds onto the DTC screen?



DTC is a free of charge screen service, posting of the funds is not cost anything, but fully guarantee, and confirms that, the funds are existing and real, genuine.


All banks and bankers -  including the Russian knows it very well, what to do, how to post funds on this DTC screen. Its just a technical question, takes a very short time to register. Simple task from a bank officer to do, such same as to issue a bank form.


Issue of a CDs cost approximately a sum of 150-200 000 Euro, whilst to post the funds on Euroclear cost min. 50 000 Euro.




The verification of Cash funds takes minutes only. Do not need to call bankers to verify the funds, etc. Dont need to issue Cds or any other instrument. Consequently: No transfer of CDs or instrument is necessary.


Funds remains at the account of the Owner, doesnt need to be moved into the trading bank.

Internal pledge, or Admin Hold could be applied accordingly and without problem.


Trading bank has the full security and we will have no problem to activate the credit line, immediately, because the Owners funds are fully confirmed, existing funds on the ledger.


This is the most easiest solution to give full satisfaction and security for all parties involved into the trade operation, including the banks and Owners, Funds Manager, together.


This solution is the preferred only method  - if, when the Owners funds are kept NOT in a highly ranked bank and the bank to bank basis verification is not gives full satisfaction, proves the funds existence NOT on the level as necessary.


Please consider and let me know, if you can apply this solution. If not possible, also.

Awaiting your soonest reply,



example  Program 3.

Dear Sir,

In case of your written confirmed interest we can provide for You an opportunity to enter bank-secured private funds placement.




Acceptable bank instruments, delivery method, procedure and the compliance documents forms - please find attached.


For SBLC, BG, CD, Bonds, SKR and LTNs  -  Front and Back Colour Scan of the Original Document needed.


If the instrument is not at a Top 25 Bank or a Correspondent of a Top 25 Bank,  then the Instrument must be put onto the DTCC screen,         



In case you have the capabilities to present  CASH-FUNDS of 250 MIO USD or EURO or more, then we can provide You opportunities of direct participation in MTN buy & sell transactions with substantially higher returns.


Overview of the managed buy & sell


The loan in the amount of EUR 200 M to be used for a managed buy & sell.

Managed buy & sell. in this context refers to trade in bank instruments.

The instruments are traded Bank Medium Term Notes (MTN's) and bank guarantees (BG's).

After receipt of the loan in the amount of 200 M EURO signed the Asset Manager 2 commitments:

First Commitment for the purchase of bank instruments and

Second Commitment for the sale of bank instruments.

Each commitment has a face value of 50 B EURO.

The spread (difference between the sales price minus purchase price) is 15% to 20% based on the Face Value of 50 B EURO. This corresponds to a profit of 7.5 B to 10 B euro.

The profit is shared according to the agreement between the lender and borrower.

It is traded on 4 days per week (Monday to Thursday), the exception of bank holidays.

The largest portion of the profits of the first trading days will be accumulated up to an amount of 1.5 B EURO

Kindest Regards



example   Program 4.


Dear Sirs,

The Procedure of the 5 Mio. EURO Program.

You will find the following needed documents for the Platform/Trader and the Program Outline:



1.       CIS - Client Information Sheet (completed in WORD Format)

2.       Passport Copy

3.       POF - Proof of Funds (max. 3 days old) and Tear Sheet (Monthly Bank Statement) of an account of Investor




         We receive the CIS, Passport, POF and Tear Sheet (Monthly Bank Statement) of an account of Investor

         Platform does the Compliance

         Platform will send all completed and needed Documents for Signature to Investor

         Investor will sign the Documents

         Phone conference with Platform and Investor

         Trader Contract will be delivered

         Investor will sign the Trader Contract

         Investor will get the Meeting in Switzerland with the Platform/Trader to open his bank account



We're in totally dependence of procedure and impossible to give you an real offer without giving us the basic documents:

1) Last BANK STATEMENT from an account of Client

2) Copy of Proof of Fund with the transfer of Proof of Fund to the Trader upon signing the contract.   

3) Conformation Letter from Investors Bank (Draft is below)

4) A copy of the passport of a signer (account holder).

5) Information of the Investor - CIS.

6) LOI for my name from Investor (But you must be very careful not to send us a forgery. All documents that have not been Due Diligence, the platform sends to Interpol. Therefore, to increase our joint responsibility for the quality of the documents and proposals, we ask to sign  NCND  that the contract will be include complete information about the broker, a photocopy of the passport, address, phone number, Skype, e-mail..)


We have other options. But the actual proposal addressed to you may be sent to you only after receiving the basic documents. I do not want to tell you my opinion, I can only send information, suggestions, or to be addressed to you specifically. Unfortunately I cant give you any updates without documents.

We are really ready to work seriously, but In accordance with the procedure only.


The most programs require a SWIFT MT 760 for blocking funds. If youll are ready to send SWIFT MT 760, you need next BANK CONFIRMATION LETTER:




example   Program 5




Dear Sirs,

pls. send attached Compliance Packet including CIS,  Copy of Passport + Tear Sheet or Current Dated
Statement or Bank Statement showing that cash is available.


1. Minimum 1 Bi CASH - NO Maximum at a HSBC Bank in
London or Hong Kong
2. Clients must be the OWNER of the CASH and show history of funds
3. Funds never leave the client`s bank account and is never callable
4. The platform will do an internal block only, NO MT760
5. Trade for 90 days
6. Exclusivity for Asset Management Company fronting the platform for 120 days to take care of all the payments to the client

This Asset Management Company will be responsible for all payments and
will have to have a CC with investor once the compliance has been undertaken


mininimum 5 Bi for 1 Bi investment paid in 48 hours from internal blocking
(any additional payment paid after 90 days)
90 day program (internal block only)
This has been set up to help European Crisis
48 hours after block client will receive their payment
This is with a top platform trader direct


You need to act fast, will not last too long


Document Completion Regulations

1. LOI - Letter of Intent, Statement of the Beneficiary to enter the instrument into the high yield program.

2. CORPORATE RESOLUTION (RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS) - The beneficiary must have full ownership of the instrument or funds, alternatively have them under complete control. Such credentials are confirmed by the CORPORATE RESOLUTION.

3. HISTORY OF FUNDS - A letter on the origin of funds. The beneficiary must be able to provide 3-year history of the funds. Funds must not have any criminal record.

4. LETTER OF EXCLUSIVITY - Letter of exclusivity. The beneficiary must declare that the instrument or funds are under no obligations to any third parties.

5. CLIENT INFORMATION SUMMARY Clients Card. (2 files - the short one in Word document , and an extended one in PDF format) The beneficiary or trustee must disclose truthful and detailed information. It must be noted that in case when provided information does not pass background check and verification the entry in the particular financial program will be refused, as well as future participation in any other financial contracts. This is known as black list.

6. NON SOLICITATION letter of "no request" a statement that the documents file will not be recalled during the time of the background check.

7. POF - proof of funds. Electronic Bank statement of account, signed by two officers and sealed with the transfer of funds. The statement must be recent, up to 3 days. During the inspection the trader can request an update of the statement.

8. Color copy of passport, pasted to a page on a scale of 140%.

9. THE RULES OF THE ROAD (rules verhaltensregeln) - Road Map", by signing this document Beneficiary acknowledges and agrees with investment in the private placement program (PPP)

10. NCNDA - cooperation agreement between intermediaries, beneficiaries and the trading platform.

11. STATAMENT documented proof that the client is aware about the consequences of providing untruth or deceitful information.
On request additional documents must be signed

AUTHORIZATION TO VERIFY AND AUTHENTICATE permission for the trading platform to conduct an assessment of specific instrument or funds in the bank of the beneficiary.



1. All documents must be signed in blue ink

2. All documents are accepted only in PDF format (except for the short CIS). Completed and signed Word file must be converted to PDF.
Additional requested and sent documents must be in PDF format

3. A copy of the passport should be in color and must be inserted into the package of documents on a scale of 140%

4. Corporate Resolution must contain a minimum of two signatures (eg, the director and secretary)

5. POF (bank statement, CD, SKR) should be in the form of official electronic bank statement, rather than static typed text on the bank letterhead.

6. Each page must be initialed at the bottom (initials______) regardless of whether it is signed else where.

7. Asserted History of Funds must have supporting documents.
For Example: - If the beneficiary has pointed out - the "inheritance", then a copy of inheritance document . In case it is "credit" then the loan agreement must be provided. If "business activities, trading" are stated then business biography, contracts and bank statements must be provided. Additional requests would depend on the operations of a company.

8. On the request from CIS Do you speak English? Fluency in other languages must be stated (Russian, Latvian, English).

PROCESS OF PREPARATION FOR ENTERY in the high yield financial program.

1. Beneficiary performs the initial obligation, i.e completes all the documents sent to him.

2. During the initial filling of documents notarized acknowledgment is required.

3. After receiving the documents from the beneficiary trading platform representative validates the documentation submitted and carries out all the necessary checks. After the platform examines all documents the trader accepts to begin work. During the examination process additional documents may be requested( eg transcript of the origin of funds, updated POF).

4. If the trader has decided that the beneficiary may be admitted to the program, they contact the beneficiary and send an official invitation to a meeting in Switzerland, UK or Germany. During this meeting the original documents are being signed, along with the contract of participation in the profits (JVA) with the platform and the trader.

5. All original documents along with the recent bank statement, Hard Copy CD and other requested documents must be delivered to the meeting with a trader.

6. Bank, on the site of which the placement program will be carried out is decided by the trader.

7. By agreement of the parties, with the assistance of a trader the beneficiary may open an account for the program yield to be transferred.

8. The beneficiary signs the originals of previously filled electronic documents that are then notarized.

9. There are limits imposed on the profit originating from the trade: It may not be used in another trade. The beneficiary entered into a single international registry, and other trading platforms are required to follow this rule.

10. Funds \ instruments are blocked for a period of a signed contract (the length of the program).




We can not give you an offer without giving us the basic documents.


We ask the mediators to send us the full personal details and a photocopy of the passport for inclusion in the contract and to increase accountability for the documents that were sent to us.



example  program  6







To assess the possibility of your participation in these programs you need to describe the real situation and answer the following questions:


1. What assets or financial instruments you have (type of assets \ tool in which the bank is kept or issued, amount, period). Required to provide high-quality copy of the financial instrument.

2. Necessary to give a clear explanation of who owns the asset at the moment \ tool and on what basis.

3. And just what does the owner have you. All negotiations should be conducted with the person who is the owner of the assets or its official representative of the power of attorney from the owner of the assets or financial instrument.


For start we need following documents:


1) BANK STATEMENT from an account with the transfer of Proof of Fund upon signing the contract.

2) A copy of the passport of a signer (account holder).

3) Information about the customer - CIS.


The issue of profitability is not directly answer the following reasons.


1. Actual and projected rate of return refers to a trader at a private meeting with the client. We may disclose indicative before the meeting, but after checking the documents.

2. Yield depends on the type of program, which will open at the time of filing a trade and offered a trader. A type of program depends on the amount.

3. These programs are structured differently. For example, a short program for 2 months under XXX% during these two months later reissued with a long (40 weeks). Or ultrashort, weekly (conditionally under XX-XXX%) with a proposal to continue in the medium-term (3-6 months) and the possibility of renewal yet. Or, more often than once a year (40 weeks) with yields of up to X% XX% per week of injected capital. Given that the profitability and timing of the programs are different, the structure of the division of income from the trader, too, varies from the program, all these parameters will confuse the client.

You may select one of the options depending on your preference.

This process possessed no risk of losing your financial assets: your financial assets will never move to other (foreign) accounts, not be blocked by SWIFT MT 760 and you will always remain the sole signatory on your bank account and the owner of your assets.

The following information is in accordance with the existing projects. The offer made to you may vary based on specifications of the project.


I want to draw your attention to one major fact: the client's money should not have any obligations to the bank. Money should be placed on an ordinary current account. If the bank pays interest on the contract with the client - this means that money is encumbered. With this money the bank operates and they can not be used by investors in the program. The investor has already given the money to the bank.








Bank Compliance Internal Block

Minimally: $15 Million USD to Maximally: $500M



Two week/historically 10x Privet Placement Program Trade program:

Bottom line: Historically: round 1, 500% gross client return in 15 calendar days... no swifts required... only administrative block... 1 reentry...

Example: $1M X5 + 5M (minus fees) =$4.25M net to client


Historically round 2, (net proceeds from round 1) , 500% gross client return in 15 calendar days... no swifts required... only administrative block...

Example: $4.25M X 5 = $21.25M (minus fees) = $18.062M net to client


Bullet Points of this 1M + 15 calendar days Privet Placement Trade Program:

*      Historical returns: round 1 =5xs (500% gross) in 15 calendar days. Net to client is 500% minus 15% (10 +5%)  for the PPAs (Profit Participation Agreements).


*     Historical returns: round 2 =5xs Net Proceeds from round 1 (500% gross) in 15 calendar days. Net to client is 500% minus 15% (10 +5%) for the PPAs (Profit Participation Agreements).


*    Blocking: No Swifts Only Administrative block for 30 calendar days or better.


*   Capital entry requirement: 15M USD minimum to 500M USD/EUR cash or money market entries. Bank instruments; only acceptable are CDs with a minimum of 10M.


*     Program duration for rounds 1 & 2: 15 day calendar program one time only Administrative block for 30 calendar days or better.


*    Re enter possibility after rounds 1 & 2: To be negotiated with Platform (40 week Program).


*     Humanitarian requirements: none. Returns are fully discretionary.


*    Brokerage/intermediary fees: 15% of the clients net that is handled via Profit Participation/pay order agreements... Executed by investor at time of submission of signed prepared specific documents and current Proof of funds.


*     Documentation: Basic generic initial documentation includes clients passport, Client information Sheet, Corporate Resolution (if necessary) and a proof of funds... A specific set of compliance documents will be supplied to the client for completion along with the Profit Participation Agreements for this signature in blue ink... Corporate Resolution (if necessary) needs to be notarized.


*     Time frame: Once specific entry documentation are signed in blue ink along with notarized Corporate Resolution they are sent in with a current proof of funds (Bank capability letter or a Bank tear sheet signed by 2 Bank officers). Compliance will take up to 72 hours and if all is accepted a call from the Trade Platform Administrator will be made to the client to reconfirm all after which a contract will be sent out immediately with a template verbiage (text) of the Administrative Hold letter the clients Bank has to issue signed by 2 Bank Officers...  Once the contract  is signed and forwarded with the Administrative Hold letter the returned clients entry will be in trade the next day. If possible please submit your basic initial documentation as indicated above and proof of funds in a compressed email package at your earliest convenience... All entries are date/ time sensitive so the sooner one submits the sooner the entry will be considered...


Ladies and gentlemen, be careful to send to platform a counterfeit documents.

All documents and materials of dubious nature, we pass to the Interpol



The thief should be in prison!


Disclaimer: We are not a United States Securities Dealer, NFA/CFTC Member, or United States Investment Advisor. All articles and related documents are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose, in any form or content. Upon reading the articles and information you hereby acknowledge this warning and Disclaimer. All information provided is for informational purposes only, and shall not be relied upon as personal financial advice. Any reference to a specific trading strategy is only to assist in learning, and shall NEVER be relied upon when making future investment decisions.



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Private Placement Program

Private Placement Program -Copper (powder)

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Private Placement Program   -Copper (powder)

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