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All articles and related documents on this private web site are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose, in any form or content. All information provided is for informational purposes only, and shall not be relied upon as personal financial advice.





Dear visitor, you are on a private website, with information and news of traditional and alternative investments that belongs to Ousitsenko Nikolaos and partners.

It is not a commercial site, and this blog is for  information only.
None of the British or other companies is not related to this site.

We do not offer any services from any companies.


Our mission is to provide accurate information to real and potential  investors, brokers and others who are seeking opportunities for obtain the investment loan and  have an interest on the benefits and risks of alternative investments. If you have not taken a step to start or grow your business, I want to warn you because this may lure you out of your comfort zone.


By providing information through our weblog, investors will finally have a source they can trust. As you can see, we are clean, clear and completely transparent  in everything we do and we are ready to give  just free information to protect and inform potential  investors. By reading our articles, youll understand how to invest, who is broker, trader and trade in the alternative investment markets.


Remember, were always working  with one goal - your success and  assurance of safety your funds! Do not hesitate to contact us for advice. At any time we are ready to unselfishly  help you.

The information in our weblog was published for educational purposes only, security reason and to help people who want to invest in new directions but must be responsible for their own decisions.

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