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All articles and related documents on this private blog are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose, in any form or content. All information provided is for informational purposes only, and shall not be relied upon as personal financial advice.




Working on any project we do our best to negotiate and balance all interests. We always keep the right to turn down a project at an early stage without explanation of a reason. We do not give out information about completed and ongoing projects as well as our clients without a written consent.

Usually our company takes part in investment project from developing of an idea until its realisation and paying back to creditors. This allows constant control of quality of our work, reaching set goals and keeping our reputation on high levels.  


It is no secret that some “businessmen” only wish to use the received credits for their own benefit and that they lose all interest in a project after the receipt of credits. To avoid any misinterpretation our procedures are as follows:


1) The Russian company does not receive the actual money. The bank releases the credits to pay for supplies, equipment, building and other works, as well as other spending needed to realise the project to the investor-company. (There are some exceptions to this rule in the case of investment credit because in the major part of such credit is invested in obtaining a part of the capital of the Russian company.) In either case the Russian company obtains a leading, high-technology, competitive company which is able not only to pay back the credits within a short period of time but also to realise a large profit.  


2) In all cases all received credit must be repaid to the crediting bank. For this reason it is important initially to approach the development of a business plan informally until we are confident in our expectations of the profit that can be realised from invested resources. An investment project, and our expectations of it, will be checked by independent experts.


3) Our single goal is to ensure the success of an investment project. To this end we collect information relating to all visible or potential threats for participants in a project. We take all necessary action to prevent any dangerous situations arising from dishonest competitors, criminal elements or elsewhere.


4) In order to guarantee the success of a project we insist upon taking part in decision making processes, including maintaining the right of the third (compulsory) signature on all contracts from the credit agreement to contracts with suppliers. This a necessary condition of our successful cooperation.

We are convinced that this sophisticated approach and our continuous day-to-day work to resolve any specific problems that may arise guarantee the 100% success of our projects.



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